When you contact a Field Agent listed in the PropertyVerification.com directory you will be communicating with a dedicated operative who is experienced, trained and knowledgeable. All Field Agents are available to assist you with your assignment and will custom fit your needs to a successful conclusion. When you place your trust in a PropertyVerification.com Field Agent, they pledge to utilize their proprietary resources and extensive personal experience to handle your particular needs professionally and properly.

PropertyVerification.com Field Agents reach out to defaulted clients and those who you are trying to collect from. Field Agents place special emphasis on direct contact with your subject, the delivery notices and demands, collection letters and most other means to grab the attention of your target.

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After your form is received, our system will route your request to the local Field Agents in the area where you require assistance,. All Field Agents directed to you were prescreened and ready to offer you their services for the best possible fee.

Confirming your Needs with a PropertyVerification.com Field Agent

When you select a Field Agent or perhaps select a few Field Agents for the purposes of getting a quote or to request information, it is best you know the target address and ultimate goal for why you are hiring a Field Agent. Most Field Agents will attempt to make direct contact with unresponsive subjects and bring a demand letter of notification with them. So, knowing exactly what you need the Field Agent to do for you, will dictate the quote you receive. If there are revised aspects of the service needed, you will be able to work that out a flexible and understanding Field Agent.

In most situations Field Agents, while acting on your behalf at the target address, will provide the subject with your contact information and will be asked contact your office immediately. If possible, Field Agents will request the customer contacts you as they standby. Of course, if there is a letter, demand or other urgent documents, they too will be delivered and or "Served." Upon completion of the assignment, the Field Agent will provide a detailed report regarding the outcome of the visit along with digital images of the location and/or any information obtained, to your office via our secure server and email.

Customized Field Agent Services for delivering and serving collection and default letters and court documents to delinquents

Whether the loan is secured or unsecured, PropertyVerification.com Listed Field Agents will assist you. With your gaol in mind, they will attempt to build a bridge to better communication with your customers through their verification and skilled negotiation or field engagement tactics.

Many clients inquire about our listed Field Agents and use unique names and terms to describe their needs. Here are some words that are commonly used and are synonymous with verification services: verify, confirm, check, double-check, check out, make certain, prove, find out, authenticate, confirmation, proof, substantiate, verification, inspect, monitor, view, watch, discover, inspect, examine, detect, evidence, proof, proving, testament, validate, discover, assets, property, chattel, realty, premises, collateral and lien. Whatever words you use to describe your needs, a PropertyVerification.com Field Agent is available to represent you.