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Find Field Agents who travel to addresses to verify occupancy, assets and Conditions

Field Agents listed in our directory provide Fast Inspections and address visitation service to verify occupancy, assets, collateral and conditions

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Welcome to the, Americas most reliable directory of Reputable Field Agents. Listed Field Agents provide services on behalf of attorneys, lenders and leasing companies seeking accurate information. All Field Agent involve visual conformation of assets, collateral, property and/or direct contact with the borrower, customer and/or lessee. Field Agents listed in our directory are widely known by thousands of clients as “” and have been in business for twenty-eight years. Our Field Agents provide property and asset verification services that are custom designed to meet the exact needs of our clients.

Directory listings of our Field Agents are specialists at personalized default - debtor out reach assignments designed to interface directly with borrowers, debtors, customers and/or lessees. Or, we can offer covert field service and remain anonymous, when necessary. Verification services are in strict confidence and comply with Federal and State Laws. We also have our own rules and policies and invite you to visit our legal Page before retaining any Field Agents listed in our directory. Our Field Agent services take place throughout America and extend to all counties, cities and zip codes. Our field agents are located in every major city and travel throughout all counties and are available to provide one on one services just about anywhere there is lawful access.

When borrowers, customers, creditors and debtors are face to face with one of our Field Agents they are more inclined to cooperate.

Field Agents listed in our directory attempt to make contact with a borrower, customer, lessee, debtor, and/or confirm the existence or condition of an asset, collateral or property. Utilizing verification services is a cost effective way for Attorneys, Lenders, Servicing Companies and Leasing Companies to communicate with customers, when phone calls, registered letters, overnight envelopes, email and mail are ineffective. Listed Field Agents stress the basic tenants of non-confrontational meetings and the highest level of respect, yet employ proven techniques of diligence and professionalism. They also attempt to be friendly (to a certain extent) with your customers so they can retain their dignity through the loss mitigation or collection process. In many cases, listed Field Agents have successfully used face to face interaction to cure a non-performing asset. Using property verification field agent services gives the borrower, customer or lessee greater incentive to try to maintain a constructive relationship with your office.

Field Agents with extensive experience engage default assistance efforts, occupancy and property verification services. They assure dependable and insightful results.

  • Are your calls and voice messages being ignored?
  • Before collection, eviction, repossession or foreclosure would you like to make a final attempt to resolve the situation?
  • Do you have delinquent borrowers who are not returning your calls and ignoring your letters?
  • Do you need to know the condition of your collateral?
  • Have no clue on the condition or location of your asset?
  • Is the lessee not paying?
  • Is your property occupied?
  • Is your property or asset in need of verification services?
  • Need help contacting no or slow paying or unresponsive tenants or debtor?
  • No responses to your numerous letters?
  • So you are trying to reach your borrower or tenant?
  • Why are your customers/debtors not calling back?

Have you made several attempts by phone and mail to make arrangements to bring the account current with no success? The goal of Field Agents is to have a local Field Agent assist with determining the borrower's or Lessee’s intentions to satisfy their delinquent account or to engage in a meaning way to resolve the problem. Time and Time again, Field Agents perform Property Verification services, through its hardworking, qualified and professional field agents, has proven to be very cost effective method of reconnecting with your customer. Field Agents strive to answer questions by visiting the location of the asset, collateral and property and confirm with the customer its status quo. Field Agents Primary Goal is to assist with face to face meetings and to make things real with the customer who has not experienced a live person at their location.

  • Attempt to update home address, phone number, cell phone number, email address, place of employment location and phone number of the borrower/lessee/debtor/customer.
  • Have the customer/borrower/lessee/debtor contact you in order to make arrangements to bring the account current or to arrange a plan of action per your directives.
  • If there is no answer or response by telephone or at the location, the agent will leave a note in a sealed envelope for the customer/lessee/borrower/debtor on the residential door, business entrance or asset, collateral or property, wherever deemed appropriate.
  • Serve and Deliver Urgent Documents
  • Report the appearance and condition of the collateral, property and or asset.
  • Visit the property, collateral or asset and make contact with the customer/borrower/lessee/debtor.

Field Agents report graphic details and information in real time. An email report / status report will be provided during and upon completion of each field call assignment. We regularly encounter borrowers/lessee’s/customers/debtors who simply ignore phone calls and or demand letters or the phone number has been disconnected. A personal visit by one of our trained property verification agents may be the key to re-establishing contact with your customer/borrower/lessee/debtor. Or, we could uncover the true status of your property or collateral in the absence of the customer. Field Agents are widely known for successfully meeting with customers and discussing their account with them; obtaining new contact details; confirming that they have vacated the premises; have abandoned the asset; obtaining information on assets and employment; and, attempt negotiating a payment to your account. We also help and confirm to identify a situation that may require you moving forward to repossession, foreclosure or litigate to protect your asset. Field Agents are Most Active with the Following Services:

  • Mortgage and Financing Default
  • Property and Occupancy Inspections
  • Photography, Image and Video
  • Vehicle Condition Verification
  • Default Assistance
  • Collateral Observations
  • Occupancy Verification
  • Premise Conditions Reporting

  • Deliver Demand Letters Delivery Services
  • Service of Processing Lawsuits
  • Hand Deliver Notifications
  • Deliver or Post Collection Letters

Field Agents assist you with collecting from default clients / non paying customers

The people who use our directory to find Field Agents are usually in need customized services involving debtor communications which usually includes property / asset report including: digital images, photographs, video of the property/collateral/asset, several visits which could take place on any day and at various hours. As part of our service we will work with you to address your unique needs and to meet your expectations. As Property Verification service providers and on behalf of our clients, our experienced investigation management team works closely with its field agents to develop a plan of action with specifications to meet your unique needs.

Listed Field Agents within the directory view every file as a unique situation, will address each circumstance with an open mind, and will handle your specific needs as their priorities. Field Agents are professional, courteous, experienced locals who will provide services in a timely manner.

Field Agents who perform face to face default assistance and all other related services, makes it real!