We offer this legal page so we have no misunderstandings or misinformation. We require you read this page prior to retaining our services. After reading this page, please contact us. You agree and understand the legality of our disclaimer and policies and are what will guide your service requests from start to finish. Our services are time intensive and time consuming, therefore there are no refunds after we receive your request for service.

Property Verification dot com is our website name. We are not affiliated with any other company. We are the Agency for Civil Enforcement Corporation better known as, and herein after referred to as, "A. C. E., Inc." Our company operates numerous websites and attempts to obtain and provide accurate data and information for its clients. "A. C. E., Inc." makes no warranties or representations, expressed or implied, including but not limited to warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose as to the accuracy of data or information provided. A.C.E., Inc. utilizes contractors and sub-contractors provide services. Property Verification services are provided by our agents and are opinions and observations made at the time of service. "A. C. E., Inc." cannot be liable for any reason whatsoever and cannot be responsible for any damages of any kind. You agree to indemnify and hold "A. C. E., Inc. " harmless for all damages, claims, or losses suffered by "A. C. E., Inc. " as a result of third party claims relating to your use of data, reports or information provided to you from "A. C. E., Inc." In addition, you agree to pay any and all legal fees, court expenses and expenses on behalf of "A. C. E., Inc." should any mediation, negotiations, meetings and or lawsuit arise. All data and information is obtained from a multitude of sources which "A. C. E., Inc." has no control; including its agents who may be biased or influenced by information obtained from people or third-party resources. Data or information may be limited and in some cases not current. None of the above disclaimers are meant to supersede any governing laws and or pertinent regulations.

Property verification services and information provided within our ending reports may not be used as a factor in determining an individual's eligibility for insurance, credit, or employment unless prior consent was obtained of the person/subject. Verification field reports may not be used for any purpose governed by the Federal Fair Debt Reporting Act as described in 15 U.S.C. 1681 A (D), as amended. The information we provide is time consuming and retrieved from numerous public sources both human and technological. We do not guarantee or warranty this information as human error always plays a role in gathering public records and information. By accepting these terms, you have agreed that Agency for Civil Enforcement Corp. it's agents, employees, associates and/or Jonathan Levy, Private Investigator individually will be held harmless in the event a mistake was made. In the event litigation and or any type of mediation, deposition, meeting, etc. is required the venue will be Palm Beach County Florida only.

Billing Property Verification Services

A. C. E., Inc. requires all property verification services be paid for in advance of services rendered. Most verification services are billed on a flat fee basis. Some long term projects or high volume service requests are specially priced. All billing relating to property verification services is accounted for in by address or by person. The client [you] pays for all expenses and applicable taxes. Initial consultations are always Pro Bono and are by appointment only.

Nationwide Property Verification Services, Borrower Out Reach Services, Our Source Lender services, Servicing Company services, Process Serving, Subpoena Service, Location Services, Posting and or Hand Delivery

Standard Property Verification Fee's for visiting locations, meeting with customers, serving or delivering your legal papers are determined by the location (zip code) where services are to be effectuated and by timing. Standard services take place within a week in Florida and within 10 days nationwide.

RUSH property verification services are available 365 days a year 24 hours a day and are billed at double the standard fee.

Same Day Service requests are billed at triple the standard fee. All services must be prepaid in advance of services. Services are billed by address we visit and how many service requests are to be performed at each address. You agree, when you send us your request, the address to where you are sending us is your responsibility. If the address is wrong, improperly listed, typed improperly, cannot be found, is vacant and or no longer exists, etc. (bad address) the fee you agreed to must be paid for in full regardless. We do not take any responsibility for addresses, unless retained to do so. We charge additional fees for second and or alternate addresses or locations. Arrangements and requests for property verification services are considered unique services and are billed as such.

Retrieving, locating and Ordering Courthouse records and information

Fees vary according to location and the timing of requested service. Fees for courthouse services are paid for in full regardless of the results. If the court or agency you directed us to perform services cannot find your file, that is no fault of ours. Therefore, the fee you agreed to pay guarantees we will be paid for the time spent trying to assist you. Please note, the fee we quote you does NOT include copy expenses, scanning, etc.

Refund Policy

Since we provide you with time based informational, opinions, observations, research, courier, process serving and investigative services there are NO refunds for services rendered. There are NO refunds after we receive your service request. All services must be prepaid. We accept all credit cards. When you hire us you are agreeing to our terms. There are NO refunds.

Company Policies

A. C. E., Inc. Property Verification field service agents adheres to all laws and the highest standards of ethics and morals. A. C. E., Inc. prides itself on performing honest and accurate services that are conditionally guaranteed. All policies and laws governing our business activities are strictly enforced to better serve you.

We do not assist with collecting debts nor are we available to be used for trying to upset, intimidate or pick up a payment on behalf of our clients. Our Property Verification agents assist clients with proactive communications with borrowers, customers or lessee’s and establish a non-confrontational relationship that can only be attained by meaningful in person communications, respect and observations.

Before Retaining us you agree to proper use of our information as required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) as follows

You intend to use the property verification information ONLY for

  • A commonly recognized business use whereby the business for which you seek the information has a pre-existing business relationship with the subject (individual) of the inquiry; OR
  • A use which will clearly cause no emotional or physical harm to a reasonable person who is a subject of the inquiry; OR
  • A use that is relevant to the subject matter of a documented civil or criminal action; OR
  • A legitimate business purpose in the ordinary course of business.
  • Further, you will not, either personally or through our company, agents, employer or anyone else, use this information for credit granting, credit monitoring, account review, insurance underwriting, employment or any other purpose covered by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. Sec. 1681 et seq, (“FCRA”), Federal Trade Commission interpretations of the FCRA, and similar state statutes.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act promotes the fair treatment of consumers by prohibiting debt collectors from using unfair, deceptive, or abusive practices. A.C.E., Inc. follows the rules set forth by the FDCA.

We are permitted to contact people other than the debtor only to locate the debtor or make a reasonable effort to communicate with the debtor about the debt.

We are prohibited from harassing, oppressing, or being abusive in collecting a debt. This includes using threats or obscene language, publicizing a debt, making annoying or anonymous telephone calls, and misrepresenting the identity of the collector, the status of the debt, and the consequences if it is not paid