When you contact A.C.E. Inc. Property Verification Services you will be communicating with a dedicated licensed investigator who is experienced, trained and knowledgeable. In house Private Investigators are available to assist you with your assignment and will custom fit your needs with a qualified field agent. When you place your trust in an A.C.E. Inc. agent to handle your verification needs, we will pledge to utilize our acclaimed and proprietary resources and team strategy to handle your particular needs professionally and properly.

A.C.E. Field Agents verify your property/asset by reaching out to the borrower in person. We provide nationwide verification services on behalf of Attorney's, Lenders, Finance and Leasing Companies as well as Banks, Owners and Private Investors.

Customization of Service

Whether the loan is secured or unsecured, A.C.E., Inc property verification agents will assist you. Allow us to attempt to build a bridge to better communication with your customers through our verification field service offerings.

Many clients inquire about our services and utilize different and unique names and terms to describe their needs. Here are some words that are commonly used and are synonymous with verification services: verify, confirm, check, double-check, check out, make certain, prove, find out, authenticate, confirmation, proof, substantiate, verification, inspect, monitor, view, watch, discover, inspect, examine, detect, evidence, proof, proving, testament, validate, discover, assets, property, chattel, realty, premises, collateral and lien. Whatever words you use to describe your needs and A.C.E. Inc agent is available to represent you.

When you confirm your needs with an A.C.E Verification specialist and we activate your service by dispatching one of our nationwide professional team members to your borrower’s lessee’s location in an attempt to make direct contact with your hard to reach borrower / customer. Our agents will request the borrower contact your office and provide them with your contact information. If possible, we will request the customer contacts you in the presence of our agent who will standby as needed. If there is collateral our representative will inquire as to its location and document the condition if it is present. A detailed report regarding the outcome of the visit along with digital images of the location and/or the collateral will be returned to your office via our secure server.